[Marxism] Senate details torture system - so what?

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2008/12/23 S. Artesian <sartesian at earthlink.net>:
> Speaking of a government of murderers, I was wondering if Nestor in
> particular, whose vast knowledge I admire to a level equal to that of our
> political disagreements,  and/or anyone on the list has read Imre Kertesz?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have just _heard the name_ Imre
Kertesz. Never, that I remember, read anything about him nor by him.

If our political disagreements are as grounded as the actual vastness
("wasteness" would be more appropiate!) of my knowledge, then we don´t
disagree at all. Which is not the case.

That is the salt of life.


> After a friend handed me a copy of  Liquidation, I read all of the works
> translated into English-- and found them to be unbelievably harrowing in
> their precision, clarity, and representation of murderers and government.
> I kow that Kertesz own politics, at least as he presented them in his Nobel
> acceptance speech are not at all "left," but the "kernel" of his writings in
> both style and substance is, IMO, staggering
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>>I would love to share Joaquin´s POV.
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