[Marxism] a new world gas cartel?

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Tue Dec 23 23:21:20 MST 2008

With regional differentials, the prices of natural gas (and propane and 
butane) follow oil-- but oil is influenced by OPEC. Further, oil prices 
are influenced by gas prices, particularly since major fossile-fueled 
electrical power producers can trade off some of their oil consumption 
against gas-consuming plants. It is too simple to say "there is no world 
market for natural gas."

The first thing the Gas Exporting Countries (GECF) would do is demand an 
important seat in OPEC meetings and decisions. Next, they could present 
a united front (sort of) as governments in their demands for a fair 
royalty. This would be at best a quasi-cartel, and at worst, a squabble 
nada wrote:

>This cartel will have major logistical problems. There is not a world 
>market for natural gas. 

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