[Marxism] Army finally admits coverup of Nazi treatment of USsoldiers as slaves

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 09:20:34 MST 2008

The Times magazine article cuts to the chase as to why the
perpetrators were not punished and their crime -- and US complicity in
it -- was covered up:
"Kenneth Royall, the secretary of the Army appointed in 1947, argued
that the rapid reindustrialization of West Germany, now on the front
line of the conflict with the Soviet Union, should be a priority and
that denazification should not stand in its way. Increasingly,
American policy conformed. "
This, of course, is part and parcel of the normal dictator- and
fascism-accommodation and promotion which is essential for
"democratic" imperialism, and which is seen today in the genocidal
blockade against Gaza paid for with our tax dollars (see dbachmozart's
posting today).

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