[Marxism] Conference Announcement and Call for Papers: Eurocentrism in Political Theory at MMU

Wed Dec 24 09:26:43 MST 2008

Workshops in Political Theory, 6th Annual Conference 
(September 2-4, 2009)

Manchester Metropolitan University

Eurocentrism in Political Theory

Call for Papers

In parallel with what Samir Amin suggests, one could state that modern political theory is subject to a severe crisis. There is an “invasive cancer” that propagates Eurocentric prejudices distorting political theories. 

As Amin puts it, Eurocentism constitutes “a distortion from which majority of dominant social theories suffer”. It functions spontaneously, “often in the gray areas of seemingly obvious facts and common sense”. It advocates that the history of Europe is exceptional. In addition, it implies the homogenization through imitation and catch up. From Amin’s perspective, Eurocentrism is common to both vulgar Marxism and mainstream political theories.

As opposed to what Eurocentrism advocates, the expansion of capitalism generated “a new polarization in the world scale”. 

Accordingly, the North/South contradiction is becoming more and more sharper. To overcome the “Eurocentric cancer”, one should first of all understand that “Center/Periphery polarization must be placed at the heart of the analysis and not in the margin”.

Therefore, this workshop encourages contributions that would attempt to identify the problematic of Eurocentism in political theory (in mainstream theories such as the modernization theory, as well as in Marxism).

We invite you to send 250-300 word proposals for 20-30 minute papers on topics including but not limited to:

•     Definitions and Manifestations of Eurocentrism in Political Theory  
•     Critique of Eurocentrism  
•     International Relations and Eurocentrism
•     North and South Categorisation in Political Theory
•     Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism and Eurocentrism
•     Globalisation and Eurocentrism
•     Democratic Theory and Eurocentrism
•     Critique of the Multiculturalism in Political Theory  
•     Critique of the Modernization Theory in terms of Eurocentrism
•     Critique of the Neo-Liberal Theory in terms of Eurocentrism
•     Human Rights Theory and Eurocentrism
•     Development Theory and Eurocentrism
•     Eurocentric Challenges for Political Theory 
•     Critique of Eurocentric Marxist Perspectives
•     Gramsci, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and Eurocentrism  

Deadline for submission of paper proposal: April 6, 2009

Panel and Paper Proposals can be submitted by email to: 
Efe Can GÜRCAN (egurcan at ku.edu.tr)

The Center for Research on Globalization and Democratic Governance (GLODEM), Koç University, home.ku.edu.tr/~glodem 

Koç University, Rumelifeneri Yolu, 34450, Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey.

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