[Marxism] Madoff: A Cherry on Top

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Dec 24 09:54:01 MST 2008

Matthew Russo cited James Petras

'Point number nine is that Madoff struck a severe blow against anti-Semites
who claim that there is a 'close-knit Jewish conspiracy to defraud the
Gentiles', laying that canard to rest once and for all.  Among Bernard
Madoff's principle victims were his closest Jewish friends and colleagues,
people who shared Seder meals and frequented the same upscale temples in
Long Island and Palm Beach.'

I'm not at all certain of that. The whole thing about conspiracy theories is
that the actual facts don't really matter for those purveying them. If
Madoff made off with Goys' money alone, then anti-Semitic conspiracy
merchants would say that this was because he was a Jewish shyster. That much
of the money he conned was from Jews will mean that their 'explanation' will
change accordingly: my guess is that they'll be saying that his ill-gotten
gains are already secretly squirreled safely away in Israel. And the moans
from Zionist groups that they've lost all their money is, for conspiracy
nut-cases, just a smoke-screen hiding their involvement in the plot, it's
all there in Tel Aviv or wherever.

You can't argue against these head-bangers using logic and facts. If every
Jew and Zionist organisation in the USA, nay the world, was bankrupted as a
result of Madoff's chicanery, these guys would find an evil Jewish plot
against the Goys in it somewhere.

Paul F

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