[Marxism] Keanu Reeves [Was: Rahm Emanuel makes the day brighter]

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 12:57:07 MST 2008

"Keanu Reeves was the only good thing about the dreadful remake of 
The,Day the Earth Stood Still" ....,,Les

Keanu Reeves has done some...quaint/good acting in the past. He's 
usually wooden, stilted and, almost bumbling, true. But not always. I 
happened to think was excellently cast in two movies movies I liked, 
both very "Hollywood", both with Sandra Bullock cast opposite of him. 
One was the "Lake House" in 2006 which conceptually was brilliant: two 
characters 'out of phase' in time and space by two years. They could 
communicate with each other only by dropping a letter in the mail box at 
a lake house near Chicago. A wonderful love story.

The other, older, was the action thriller "Speed" made in 1996. Lots of fun.


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