[Marxism] Army finally admits coverup of Nazi treatmentof USsoldiers as slaves

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Wed Dec 24 13:43:16 MST 2008

Without really digging, I have no reason to doubt Rigg. His web site is 
and the first paragraph of the Reuters article is:

    BERLIN - As many as 150,000 men of Jewish descent served in the
    German military under Adolf Hitler, some with the Nazi leader's
    explicit consent, a U.S. historian who has interviewed hundreds of
    former soldiers said on Thursday. Bryan Mark Rigg, history professor
    at the American Military University in Virginia, told Reuters that
    the issue of soldiers of partial Jewish descent was long a somewhat
    taboo subject, overlooked by most academics as it threw up thorny

I didn't save that URL and I might have the date wrong, but otherwise, 
the Reuters report looks authentic.

Lüko Willms wrote:

>On Tue, 23 Dec 2008 22:52:58 -0800, Rod Holt wrote:
>>According to Bryan Mark Rigg, a US historian, there 
>>were about 150,000 Jews in the army, mostly Meschlinge, or half-cast 
>  In the 1939-1945 war? I can't believe that. Does that figure perhaps refer 
>to the imperial army of WW1? There were actually a lot of jews in the 
>fighting, and many thought that this service to the "Fatherland" would be 
>respected. But no... 
>Lüko Willms
>Frankfurt, Germany
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