[Marxism] Keanu Reeves [Was: Rahm Emanuel makes the day brighter]

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 19:20:06 MST 2008

"Much Ado About Nothing."

Great movie adaptation...wonderful 'set' (some gorgeous villa in Spain 
or Sicily). GREAT cast but that you even remember Reeves performance 
makes me question you sanity, Jim  :). it was..yeah...wooden, a wooden 
Don John. Plus stupid fake whiskers, if I remember correctly. Ugh. Yeah, 
Branagh, Thompson, Denzel Washington, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Keaton 
(no, really!), who else? A Hollywood ensemble cast that actually worked!

Like "Much Ado.." I like a lot of movies he's in but not always...him. 
For example, for conspiracy theory stuff, say, B+, was "Chain Reaction". 
He played opposite Rachel Weisz who usually fills up the screen anyway 
in any movie she is in and simply made him a fast-moving, 
always-being-shot-at appendage to the plot (even though he was center of 

Fred's comments might be projecting too much on Reeves but it makes 
sense. I'll really never forgive him for making  a movie glorifying 
scabbing in the "The Replacements",  however.


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