[Marxism] Army finally admits coverup of Nazi treatment

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 08:47:26 MST 2008

Did they (have lots of secrecy agreements)? Maybe. That's for you to
document, not assert or wonder about. And you have to document whether
they were boilerplate, or tailored to or even applied differently in
different cases.
Because if they did, then Luko is right, and CNN is guilty of
misleading us about the specificity of this case.
But you can't just speculate!

On Wed, 24 Dec 2008 23:29:48 -0500, Mark Lause wrote:

> Sorry, but didn't the army have lots of POWs with all sorts of
> experiences sign those secrecy agreements?  That was part of the
> general management of what the folks back home know about what they're
> sending their people into.

> I'm not sure it tells us anything in terms of a specific conspiracy
> to repudiate the experience of these soldiers.

  But it tells us how a wrong impression can be created by juxtaposing two
originally unrelated factually true statements side by side.

Comradely yo

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