[Marxism] Army finally admits coverup of Nazi treatment

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 13:14:29 MST 2008

This isn't a matter of questioning Nazi mistreatment of American
soldiers, particularly thought to be Jewish.  Nor is it some general
question of whether or not the U.S. government was going to cozy up to
individual Nazis with something they wanted.  And it's not about their
later backpedaling on de-Nazification.

We are being asked to believe a U.S. War Department conspiracy to
cover this up at the war's end...that is, at the same time the War
Department is

*  actively documenting Nazi genocide against European Jews.
*  organizing the trial and prosecution of Nazis for such crimes.
*  positioning itself politically as an ally of the victims of these
crimes whose plight it had earlier ignored.
*  organizing the trial and prosecution of commandants of POW camps
for crimes against American prisoners.

CNN spices the charge of a coverup by ignoring the fact that this
story has been out there and known for years.

In response to my request for more information on this and my raising
questions about the media's assertion, Andrew says that the implied
coverup asserted by CNN, which he presented here, should be accepted
by default...and that it's up to me document that they're wrong.

Unfortunately, I am a private citizen with nothing but anecdotal
information on this...and that largely reflecting the post-World War
II world in which I've lived.  I certainly don't have the resources to
answer the questions you and CNN aren't asking.   Or to file the
lawsuits necessary to shake loose this information.  So I'm probably
just going to continue trying to do what's within my reach to

However, I remain enough of a spoilsport to urge skepticism about
assertions like this.

Simply put, we probably shouldn't buy a story we aren't able to use.
I have no problems making the case for conspiracies, whether we're
talking about the 1934 fascist coup plans through the political
murders of the 1960s through Watergate, Iran-Contra, or the many
demonstrable conspiracies spun by the current collection of criminals.
 Doing this imposes a requirement of skepticism that leads us to
ignore or reject assertions (say,  the various far-fetched 9-11
scenarios) based on mushy connections to shoddy evidence.  More than
this, I think that asserting conspiracies where we can't reasonably
make the case hurts nobody but ourselves and doesn't help our
credibility where we do have the solid connections and the strong
documentary evidence.

Of course, people can and will believe whatever they want.  And if
they want to take the implications of CNN as their default position,
they'll do so regardless of what's written and read here....


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