[Marxism] New Deal, Racism, and imperialism

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Thu Dec 25 13:24:48 MST 2008

Mike Friedman wrote:

<the rulers don't have the prospect of unfettered growth and  
expansion into the
devastated post WWII allied and enemy markets that the U.S. rulers  

While I agree with David, Michael, and Louis regarding the limited  
viability of a new, new deal, there is still the unexplored option of  
so-called "green" technological innovation, which could offer the  
potential for a different and more massive type of jobs program,  
leading to a new infrastructure for a new industry.

While I think most of what I have read so far has been hype, and I am  
highly pessimistic of the efficacy of green capitalism, it at least  
would offer the possibility of a more massive jobs program and  a  
potential avenue for capital investment under the auspices of  
government-sponsored joint ventures with innovators who have so far  
been shut out by the dinosaur energy sector. The collusion between  
big oil and Detroit could be severed as the big three are forced to  
produce electric cars in conjunction with state-controlled mass  
transit and railroads.

All conjecture, of course, but there does seem to be some concern  
among the new guard about the seriousness of global warming, I mean  
at least they believe in the science behind it with Al Gore and all,  
and there is a lot of talk among democrats about a green economy, so  
there may be some move in that direction in the near future.

Greg McDonald 

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