[Marxism] Rahm Emanuel makes the day brighter

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 20:23:05 MST 2008

Well, an old friend from Bard College who is not on the list had this
comment on the clip by citing an anonymous friend:

*  *  *

At first, I could not figure out whether this was the work of anti-semites
or Zionists. It was only when I recognized "Jeremy"
from the segement on Anonymous Bathroom Sex that I put together. 
Brilliant. No? J.

*  *  *

Yes, I "got" that the clip originated with the 23/6 "comedy" news site.
Don't particularly like them -- their obscurity is well-deserved. Like the
"Anonymous Bathroom Sex" clip. But at least there I see the point, though I
don't think it's funny. In the Rahm Emanuel video, I don't see any point AT
ALL. But even if there were -- what's it doing here?


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