[Marxism] Down with Apartheid Publishing!

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 01:00:53 MST 2008


You and everyone else might be interested in this outfit


which is a consortium of ten leftish academic journals (including
"Fast Capitalism") that are completely open access to everyone.

As someone who lives in Russia, I can confirm your point. My friends
here -- scholars and leftists alike -- are aghast at the practices of
publishers like Routledge, which sometimes even leave them or their
friends practically without access to their own work (much less anyone
else's). A case in point was a recent issue of Rethinking Marxism (20)
that focused on the new Marxian art, philosophy and activists
movements here.

If Socialism and Democracy run with gangs like Routledge, they should
consider changing the title of the journal.

Thomas Campbell
Saint Petersburg

> From: "Joaquin Bustelo" <jbustelo at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Marxism] Down with Apartheid Publishing! [was: Call for
>        essays for      July 2009 issue of Socialism andDemocracy]

>        I challenge the political wisdom and integrity of contributing to
> supposedly "socialist" journals that form a integral part of copyright
> cartels and media monopoly mafias like Rutledge.
>        At a time when the RIAA and MPAA --representing the biggest
> copyright hoarders in the world, like Time Warner and News Corp-- are
> working in secret with ISP's to turn them into copyright cops, which will
> also inevitably mean into online content censors, a policy of institutional
> cooperation with "intellectual property" pirates means you're on the wrong
> side.
>        The most current issues of socialism and democracy are online, but
> protected behind a $377/year firewall. That's $125 and change PER ISSUE.
> *JUST* for online access. Ironically, to get S&D content AND contribute to
> deforestation, that's only $109 a year, according to the distributors' web
> site, but you have no online access. Online and dead trees together cost
> $399. And that's for 'PERSONAL' subscriptions.
>        LIKE all other publishers, those in control of "Socialism and
> Democracy" try, through lies and intimidation, to illegitimately and
> illegally EXTEND their monopoly of distribution of their wares. Hence the
> stern warning: "* Subscriptions purchased at the personal rate are strictly
> for personal, non-commercial use only. The reselling of personal
> subscriptions is prohibited."
>        This is in flagrant violation of U.S. copyright law (and that of
> many other countries), which include something called the first sale
> doctrine. That is, the monopoly granted to publishers extends only to the
> first sale of a copy of a copyrighted work. Once a publisher SELLS the copy,
> the publisher's rights over that one copy are EXHAUSTED. A buyer is FREE to
> take his subscription copies and rent them or resell them. And Rutledge and
> its agents are powerless to harm that person or make any claims against
> them. (There are explicit, limited exceptions to the first sale doctrine in
> US copyright law, for example, music and software publishers succeeded in
> prohibiting rentals or purchased computer programs or audio recordings).
>        I know, the socialism and democracy gang's own website says there is
> a mechanism for real people to subscribe to the dead-tree edition for $30 a
> year, a high but not insane price, by becoming a member of their "research
> group." But price isn't really my point: the outrageous prices just
> emphasizes the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of the operation and
> makes quite clear that timely access to the content is a PRIVILEGE reserved
> for members of academia and other people in imperialist countries (though
> certainly not all).
>        Comrades should take a stand. UNTIL AND UNLESS journals like S&D
> publish preferentially online with unrestricted access and a "copyleft"
> license like those associated with GNU and the EFF, people should not
> promote them, help them solicit articles and certainly not submit articles.
>        Down with Apartheid publishing!
>        Information wants to be free, and working people need it to be free.
> Joauqin

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