[Marxism] apartheid publishing

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 26 09:17:39 MST 2008

Michael Yates wrote:
>Let me blow Monthly Review's horn.

I should mention that I also can read MR online through my Columbia 
library privileges, but actually plan to subscribe this month because 
I want access to their electronic archives that go back to the first 
issue--something Columbia does not have access to. Of course, there 
is also the question of supporting MR politically. As should be 
obvious from my posts about the Brenner thesis and other matters, I 
consider myself to be firmly in the MR camp theoretically. I also 
plan to subscribe to the Counterpunch print edition. Without these 
two print publications and their corresponding websites (thank god 
Yoshie is easing up on the Ahmadinejad puffery), the left would be in 
much worse shape than it is.

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