[Marxism] Down with Apartheid Publishing!

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Fri Dec 26 14:21:21 MST 2008

Surely in this day an age of blogs, yahoo groups etc. and the ability to 
mask identitities etc. Marxist activist-academics -- or IT savvy 
assistants -- could find a way to post their articles on the Internet to 
also make them available to the entire activist left and avoid legal 

Of course, online journals such as Links International Journal of 
Socialist Renewal (http://links.org.au), Monthly Review, Climate and 
Capitalism, (parts of ) Znet and others alway welcome such contributions 
(but can't pay and rely on donations to survive) -- and we make can them 
widely available to the global activist left free of charge. Perhaps 
activist/academics and others should consider sharing their articles (or 
versions of them) with us.

Louis Proyect wrote:
> I have access to Socialism and Democracy, Rethinking Marxism, Social 
> Text, Science and Society, New Left Review, and Historical 
> Materialism through my Columbia University library privileges. If you 
> ever need me to send an article, don't hesitate to ask. 

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