[Marxism] Massacre in Gaza: protest needed!

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 27 07:14:05 MST 2008

Americans will be waking to the news of the massive Israeli attack on Gaza, with the death toll already reaching 140. Considering the population of Palestine, that is a much greater death toll than from the 9/11 attack. Not to mention the continuing strangulation of the economy and food supply to Gazans. And rather than being portrayed as a one-off, the Israelis are more talking of this as just the beginning!

I would strongly urge those in a position to act, to try to organize an immediate public response. In doing so, the US government should not be regarded as uninvolved. In an interview with BBC, the US ambassador (I believe, or a spokesperson) in Jerusalem was specifically asked whether he was calling for restraint on "both sides." Scorning the implication of the question, he blurted out (paraphrasing) "No! We are calling on the Palestinians to stop their murderous barrage of rockets into Israel....."

Especially since this act is being widely viewed as but the first step toward Israel's determination to "take out" the Hamas government, with a ground invasion to follow, I think that a very rapid international response can make a tangible difference in the unfolding of the situation. We have already scheduled a protest in Amsterdam tonight and I'm sure such actions are being organized widely. Don't let your city be left behind!

Even Egypt has been forced to open the Rafah crossing in order to provide access to hospitals. I'm sure there will be a similar outcry from various governments and an appeal to the UN security council. But of course it is popular pressure from below that propels the (insufficient) movement for solidarity with Palestine. And that is especially true in the US, the superpower which, as I mentioned above, is providing cover to Israel's despicable actions and intentions.

- Jeff

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