[Marxism] just another petit bourgeois leftist whine...

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 14:29:27 MST 2008

Al Jazeera is reporting the death of 300 Palestinians in Gaza.  That should
read Al Jazeera is reporting the murder of 300 Palestinians in Gaza.
Meanwhile the President elect, Barack Obama, must now be fully  aware (if he
was not before)  of the price he has to pay to become the "leader of the
Free World".  His speech on June 4th 2008 to AIPAC was redolent with the
usual Obamaisms.  It was all in all a truly revolting effort.   But it is
nevertheless worth revisiting to see what flesh the butchers have put on the
windy rhetoric.  Here is a little sample:

Obama said:

Finally, let there be no doubt: I will always keep the threat of military
action on the table to defend our security and our ally Israel. Sometimes
there are no alternatives to confrontation. But that only makes diplomacy
more important. If we must use military force, we are more likely to
succeed, and will have far greater support at home and abroad, if we have
exhausted our diplomatic efforts.

That is the change we need in our foreign policy. Change that restores
American power and influence. Change accompanied by a pledge that I will
make known to allies and adversaries alike: that America maintains an
unwavering friendship with Israel, and an unshakeable commitment to its

As members of AIPAC, you have helped advance this bipartisan consensus to
support and defend our ally Israel. And I am sure that today on Capitol Hill
you will be meeting with members of Congress and spreading the word. But we
are here because of more than policy. We are here because the values we hold
dear are deeply embedded in the story of Israel.

My comment:

He will find more and more secret murders sticking on his hands. The
Zionists have just gleefully said "Yes we can!" and they will continue with
more and more bloody demonstatations of the truth of that refrain.   Verily
this is the "change we can all believe in".



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