[Marxism] RE: Obama = Blum implies Azaña = who? [was Re: Marxism] New Deal or Popular Front`]

Tom Cod tcod at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 27 18:29:55 MST 2008

Yeah, and according Shirer in his book about 1940 and its roots, there was 
a phrase popular in tony bourgois society in France at the time, "Better 
Hitler than Blum!" (which explains the lack of enthusiasm with which they 
fought him with Petain once commenting that he'd rather have the Nazis
in Paris than "the Marxists"), which sentiments existed to only a less blatant extent
among a similar section of the US ruling class around Vandenburg, Dewey
and Taft, to say nothing of the likes of Father Coughlin, which felt in 
essence "Better Hitler than Roosevelt!"  In a lot of ways FDR was the bogeyman
and bette noir of this element (and still is) more than even Stalin since they felt 
the former's threat of "socialism" to be more close at hand.

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