[Marxism] Blacks versus the New Deal

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 19:10:24 MST 2008

Tom, it's NOT a question of whether we choose to call Truman a
Klansman.   As I said, he was the only president to my knowledge who
admitted it.  In his own defense, he later said that you didn't get
the Democratic nomination for anything in Jackson County, Missouri
during the 1920s unless you coughed up the initiation fee and paid
your tribute to the Invisible Empire.  He was independent of it after
he got office, partly because the organization imploded, but his own
words were something to the effect that he had many friends who were
Jews and Catholics (African Americans noticeably absent in this

Wilson was, btw, much worse in my estimation, but there wasn't really
a modern KKK of any substance until he was out of the picture.


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