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On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 17:45:02 -0800 Eli Stephens
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> Ha'aretz is also a very good source: http://www.haaretz.com/
> For example, here's one of the more interesting stories on the front 
> page right now you won't see anywhere else:
> Disinformation, secrecy, and lies: How the Gaza offensive came 
> about
> Barak ordered preparations for Saturday's operation 6 months ago, as 
> Israel, Hamas agreed on a truce.

Ha'aretz also interesting commentary by Gideon Levy,
"The neighborhood bully strikes again"

I think his most crucial comment is:

"For two and a half years, they have been caged and ostracized by the
whole world. The line of thinking that states that through war we will
gain new allies in the Strip; that abusing the population and killing its
sons will sear this into their consciousness; and that a military
operation would suffice in toppling an entrenched regime and thus replace
it with another one friendlier to us is no more than lunacy." 

"Hezbollah was not weakened as a result of the Second Lebanon War; to the
contrary. Hamas will not be weakened due to the Gaza war; to the
contrary. In a short time, after the parade of corpses and wounded ends,
we will arrive at a fresh cease-fire, as occurred after Lebanon, exactly
like the one that could have been forged without this superfluous war." 


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