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Over the years, we've kept people posted on our "duel in the shadows" here in Idaho with poisonous adversaries -- locals operating "under color of law." Our well visited Lair of Hunterbear website has a number of FOIA-recovered FBI pages relating to me [plus some from the old Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.]

Some of this material is gathered in a cluster of four substantial website pages.  We've posted on this before but, since then, we have done a bit of expansion.

For example, this is an addendum to Page Two which follows the basic material on Page One:


The poisonous 1979  FBI material was, as I've noted, ostensibly corrected by the FBI.  But the denigrating Albuquerque/Gallup report, minus the FBI correction and my letter to  FBI Director Webster, was stolen from my office years later at the University of North Dakota and, as we later learned,  surreptitiously used against me and my activist work.  

We have very good reason to believe that that poisonous page -- again, unaccompanied by the FBI correction  and my letter to FBI Director Webster -- has been used here in the Pocatello Idaho setting for the same defamatory purposes. It was exported, by venomous adversaries who had been at the University of North Dakota, concurrent with our moving to Idaho in July 1997. Hence, our move, among other things, to give all of this a conspicuous place in our website Directory/Index."

To cite just one situation.  In the 11 1/2 years that we have been here in Pocatello, I have never been invited to speak to even one class at Idaho State University -- and initially interested faculty have suddenly backed away in great haste.  A couple of years ago, the large local hospital invited me to give a presentation on the Southern Movement and Martin King.  Since ISU is just across the street from the hospital, staff from the latter approached ISU and asked if the school would be interested in co-sponsoring.  The initial reaction from ISU staff was enthusiastic but pro forma approval had to be secured further up the chain of command. Days stretched into weeks, with no ISU confirmation and then, finally, the hospital staffers were told that ISU couldn't do it. I was "too radical."  The hospital part of it went on as scheduled and I was well received -- as I have been in a number of other local settings in this general Eastern Idaho region.

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