[Marxism] The Meaning of the Gaza Atrocity

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sun Dec 28 17:57:37 MST 2008

Gary MacLennan wrote:

<So it is then through a realisation of the isolation of the Zionists  
that I
think one can come to understand why they have turned to such a level of
dreadful savagery. The deep sense of shock and disbelief that I felt  
as I
watched even the carefully censored footage, has morphed into a  
how Israel cannot survive because it has turned its back decisively  
on all
that is best about humanity. There was very clear from the press  
given by Olmert, Barak and Livni. Barack is simply a militaristic  
but Olmert and Livini looked strangely despondent and visibly squirmed
throughout. That is what happens when one turns one's back on what it  
is to
be human.>

On a more geopolitical note, there is speculation that Israel is  
trying to provoke a response from either Hezbollah or Iran, to  
justify the initiation of a wider war before Bush leaves office.  
Nasrallah was quoted in the Israeli press stating that he fears an  
Israeli attack against southern Lebanon, and claims that his forces  
have discovered and disarmed missiles that were aimed at Israel. He  
suggests they were put there by Israeli agents to justify an Israeli  
attack in case they were to be fired at Israeli territory. Although  
Israel claims to have learned its lessons from their last military  
engagement with Hezbollah, it is difficult for me to understand how  
they think a repeat invasion would be any more successful than the  
last one. When I was in El Salvador I saw some of the tunnels used by  
the FMLN, a strategy they learned from the Vietnamese. Hezbollah has  
obviously taken that strategy to the next level. Like any playground  
bully, Israel attacks the weakest "kid on the block"  with a ferocity  
that beggars belief.  And at the same time, when they're whipped,  
they sure do complain about it. Something in me WANTS them to attack  
Hezbollah just to see them beaten down yet again. And if I feel that  
way, well....

  Not that Obama's policies would be that much different from Bush,  
if at all. Even though Obama  has already sided publicly with Israel  
over the matter, he is still an unknown and untested entity, so  
establishing certain "facts on the ground" before his inauguration  
would leave Israel with a certain sense of satisfaction, to be sure.  
A former Israeli general has even been quoted suggesting an Israeli  
military occupation of Gaza is not out of the question. Maybe they  
fear that Obama's talk of a new peace initiative in the middle east  
is for real. If that's the case, well, Israel has already achieved a  
strategic objective, with the arab street enraged and Hamas calling  
for a third Intifada.

This is obviously Israel's self-perceived "window of opportunity" to  
initiate a bloodbath which has been meticulously planned for six  
months now.
Of course official state policy regards the residents of Gaza to be  
sub-human anyway, otherwise Israel would seemingly have some qualms  
with regard to the denial of free movement of goods and services in  
and out of the area.

  I came across another article in the Israeli press stating that  
some Israelis regard the death of one of their own to merit the  
slaughter of 100 Palestinians. If I recall correctly, this was the  
type of collective punishment meted out by the Nazis in response to  
the killing of one of their own by resistance fighters.

Oh, and by the way, to negate another lie put out by the pro-zionist  
western media, Hamas is claiming that the rocket attacks from their  
end have been carried out by Islamic Jihad.

Greg McDonald

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