[Marxism] The fight in the SWP, conclusion (What kind of party we need)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 18:51:14 MST 2008

To Erik's points, starting a third party is easy.  I've just had ended
a convention in my kitchen at which my three dogs and a cat heard a
lengthy set of resolutions from me for establishing the Socialist
Canine Party.  There was not a single opposing vote.  Of course, if we
want a party with significant numbers of people in it, it's probably
going to take the work of more than one person...even if it's me or

In 2000, Nader thought that that was building a mass progressive third
party, the GPUS.  He was wrong, but was far from alone. Four years
later, the Democrats everywhere and the Republicans kept Nader in the
courts and bled his organization dry as part of a deliberate strategy.
 Coming out of this last election, the Nader campaign is putting
together a Congressional watchdog groups, which we hope will function
like similar clubs in the past and bring local grass roots interest to
bear on national questions.  Without that sort of mass education
happening--with picket lines, rallies, etc.--aimed at our alleged
"representatives," we will never have more of a serious progressive
third party force here than the Socialist Canine Party...


PS: I'm at my quota for the day, but this is a very fruitful discussion....

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