[Marxism] Cuba Condemns Israel Bloodshed in Gaza

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Cuba Condemns Israel Bloodshed in Gaza

Havana, Dec 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuba
has strongly condemned Israel massive airstrikes on the Gaza Strip that
have left 200 Palestinians dead and hundreds of other wounded.

 In a statement issued in Havana,
the Cuban Revolutionary Government called criminal the Israeli military
operation, terming it as "the bloodiest attack Israel has ever launched
against the Palestinian people".
 The text notes such air raids are
taking place amidst the illegal blockade the Israeli government has
enforced on the Gaza Strip over the last 18 months, with the aim of
surrendering Palestinian, including children, women and elderly, by
hunger and diseases.
 Cuba strongly condemns this
genocidal act by the Israeli government which violates the main
principles of International Law and the United National Charter, added
the text.
 The Cuban government also urges
the international community to condemn the massacre and to request an
immediate end for the attacks against the Palestinian civil population.
   Cuba reiterates its unswerving solidarity and support for the heroic and long-suffering Palestinian people.

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