[Marxism] Blacks versus the New Deal

Charles Brown charlesb at cncl.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mon Dec 29 15:19:39 MST 2008

Tom Cod 

Well I don't know if I'd call Truman a Klansman; I think he abandoned
and fought against that outfit unlike Wilson, a thoroughgoing racist 
a personal level who much admired and had screened in the White
House Birth of a Nation and made no bones about cultivating the Klan,
a powerful force in the Democratic Party at the time.  In this respect he differed from 
both Hoover and FDR who supposedly personally abhored racial discrimination
but felt that political expediency-as it related to themselves personally obviously
-inhibited their ability to act.

CB: The KKK representatives in the DP quit the party and became Dixicrats because of Truman. What is that Truman did ? Certainly wasn't something the KKK liked (smile).

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