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Kucinich criticizes Israel's killings

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich says the continuing Israeli attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip are an example of 'collective punishment'.

"The perpetrators of attacks against Israel must also be brought to justice, but Israel cannot create a war against an entire people in order to attempt to bring to justice the few who are responsible. The Israeli leaders know better," Kucinich said in a news release on Monday.

Medics told Press TV that at least 345 Palestinians have been killed and about 1,550 have been wounded as Israel on Saturday kicked off the assaults. Israel has called the attack an 'all-out' war on the Hamas movement.

The Democratic lawmaker also urged an independent investigation to be led by the United Nations into Israel's acts of violence.

Kucinich said that he wrote to UN General Secretary Ban ki-Moon, urging an 'independent inquiry of Israel's war against Gaza'.

"It is time for the UN to not just call for a cease-fire, but for an inquiry as to Israel's actions," said Kucinich.

On Monday, the Israeli army declared areas around the Gaza Strip a "closed military zone," as Israeli tanks and troops massed along the Gaza border while warplanes pounded the strip for a third consecutive day.

While the death toll in Gaza continues to rise, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Haim Ramon said Monday that the goal of the massive bombardment of the Gaza Strip is to topple Hamas.

The international community has condemned the Israeli actions and called for an immediate end to the strikes.

This is while the Bush administration still supports the Israeli regime, blaming Hamas for provoking Tel Aviv by firing rockets into Israel from Gaza.

"In order for the violence to stop, Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel and agree to respect a sustainable and durable ceasefire," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said earlier.

Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip say they fire rockets into Israel in retaliation for the daily Israeli attacks against them. Unlike the state-of-the-art Israeli weapons and ammunition, the home-made Qassam rockets rarely cause casualties. 

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