[Marxism] Peruvian Shamans Give Obama Optimistic Predictions

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Mon Dec 29 15:38:07 MST 2008

S. Artesian wrote:

<I think you should forward this to Obama's 'Yes We Can' website--  
maybe he
can fly the shamans to DC to give the invocation alongside Warren.

Keerist on a pogo stick....Let's see what Madame Cleo, the pay-per- 
telephone clairvoyant has to say-- Her insights are certainly just as
valuable even though she did go bankrupt (and never saw it coming...).>

Like I said, I thought people would be more interested in the photos  
of Morales, Fidel, and Chavez next to Omama and, oh my, Michael Jackson.

BTW, having been born and raised in the south, I much prefer  
"Southern-Fried Keerist on a stick". I mean, I understand syncretism,  
but this is a bit too much.

Greg McDonald

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