[Marxism] The fight in the SWP, conclusion (What kind of party we need)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 19:41:44 MST 2008

Craig Brozefsky is as honest as he has been.

His is simply clueless about the GPUS nominations and most of what
he's talking about here about what I think or don't think. There's
ample material on both in the Marxmail archives.   Still, I hope that
anyone who takes what Craig says on these things seriously actually
does what he suggests.

I, for one, could use the laugh.


PS: And, yes, a party that is content without leading a mass
insurgency has no future and is essentially some kind of religion, if
not a fraternity.  There are plenty of groups that do it and have done
it for decades, over a century in the case of the SLP.  Still, boys
will be boys and they do love building their own treehouses.
Something from which to have their pissing contests.

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