[Marxism] Art and politics debate

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 06:23:33 MST 2008

Louis Proyect escribió:
> ...Louis is right to point to a certain 
> resemblance in Balabanov's filmmaking practice to Tarantino's because 
> almost all Balabanov's films are riffs on western film genres 
> transposed on post-Soviet reality...  "Pulp Fiction," ...I 
> would argue was the most popular film in Russia in the nineties. I 
> think that says a lot in itself.

Pulp Fiction became a cult movie in Argentina, too, probably for the 
same reasons. Here, the experience,

> -reactionary, yes, but no less real for that- gave way 


> to the Putinism the country is mired in now,

as is obvious, since Argentina is not Russia, but to a strong though not 
too conceptualized rejection of the values implicit in the 90s, which is 
in the end all that there is of substantial to the Kirchners (and only 
for that they have to face a growing wave of reactionary, truly 
reactionary not in the formal but in the concrete sense, unrest).


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