[Marxism] Hamas is hoping for an IDF ground operation

Nestor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 07:09:24 MST 2008

Lüko Willms escribió:
> On Tue, 30 Dec 2008 06:05:27 -0500, Greg McDonald wrote:
> quoting Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondents
>> The operation's goals, as defined by the cabinet, are "creating a
>>  different long-term security situation in the south, while
>> bolstering Israel's deterrence." The IDF does not interpret this to
>> mean a complete end to the rocket fire, as it considers this
>> impossible. Rather, its goal is to eliminate Hamas' desire to
>> attack Israel.
> This is really ridiculous.
> Do they really believe that by applying cruel treatment to a living
> human being, one can eliminate the humiliated one to beat back? Do
> they really think that people can be reduced to a submissive
> existence crawling on earth on their knees, happy to receive once in
> a while a crumb from the massa's table?

There has been an interestingly enlightening coverage by the overtly
pro-Zionist correspondent of the Argentinean newspaper "Clarín". The
area surrounding the Gaza Strip to the South is traversed by a road that
the Israelis built immediately after they took power in 1948, the "Kvish
Magen", that is the "Shield Road": a tree lined motorway prepared for
easy and obscured (it was tree-lined all along its route) circulation
of military vehicles, including tanks.

This was one of the main areas of settlement by Argentinean Jews, mostly
in kibbutzim belonging to the Laborist party MAPAI, but some to the more
"left wingers" (read pro Stalinist) MAPAM. Migrants
from other, more affluent, countries, were sent to better areas. The 
Israeli colonization of Palestinian land was racist not only as against 
the Palestinians, but also against Jews themselves!

A good deal of the "march on the Neggev" so much advertised by the 
Israeli propaganda system was taken to effect by Argentinean migrants, 
too idealist to claim for equal treatment to migrants from other origins.

Among the MAPAI settlements you can count Mefalsim (the "ultimate" 
Argentinean kibbutz for many years), Or Haner, Hatzerim (on lands so 
barren that they had to invent some industrial activity to survive, and 
they invented -a Tucumanian Jew in Hatzerim did- drop irrigation!) Among 
the MAPAM ones, the star settlement in the area was (and probably
remains) Nir Itzhak. All of them are conterminous with the Gaza Strip or 
almost. Or Haner is in the immediate neighborhood of Sderot. All these
"socialist" settlements tended to cater to (and from) Ashqelon.

The "Clarín" correspondant felt it interesting to ask what did the
"Argies" in the area think of the issue. Much for his surprise (and the
coverage shows it) he found one in Nir Itzhak who supported the Gazans.
He was Pedro Goldfarb, an Israel Communist Party member who was 
intending to go to a rally against the attack in Tel Aviv but could not 
do so because he had to take refuge against the heavy Kassam fire that 
was storming the place. When asked for the reasons, other than 
ideological, that would make an Israeli support his unpopular views, he 
made the point that every and each new dead in Gaza meant new enemies 
for Israel in the Palestinian population.

It may be important to point out that Goldfarb had gone to Israel in
1978, that is most probably he had to leave Argentina due to his
political views against the ruling Junta. Barenboim is, actually, a
specimen of a larger piece of the Israeli population. This is a sore
nerve that should be taken into account, I think, by comrades there.

Jabotinski´s clear sighted assertions, as quoted below by Lûko, hold the 
seed of their eventual demise, as anything in this world. It is up to 
the Israeli Left, or what remains of revolutionary Left in Israel, to 
work the thing out.

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