[Marxism] Why I am a Socialist

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Hedges also recently wrote a strong piece on Gaza, before the Israeli aerial onslaught -

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> >Why I am a Socialist
> >by Chris Hedges
> "Finally, in times when the class struggle nears the
> decisive hour, 
> the progress of dissolution going on within the ruling
> class, in fact 
> within the whole range of old society, assumes such a
> violent, 
> glaring character, that a small section of the ruling class
> cuts 
> itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class, the class
> that 
> holds the future in its hands. Just as, therefore, at an
> earlier 
> period, a section of the nobility went over to the
> bourgeoisie, so 
> now a portion of the bourgeoisie goes over to the
> proletariat, and in 
> particular, a portion of the bourgeois ideologists, who
> have raised 
> themselves to the level of comprehending theoretically the
> historical 
> movement as a whole."
> Karl Marx, "Communist Manifesto"
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