[Marxism] Green Party R.I.P.

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>From sheer electoral politics, the GP has already been in an ill state years back. 
In 2000, Ralph Nader had received 2.15% of the Texan votes earning automatic ballot status. 2002, it lost key states like Texas. During the guvernatorial race, it only got 0.70% of the vote loosing its ballot status.
By 2004, under Cobb, it was write-in and only received .01% of the votes or 1,014 votes.
On '08, some had thought that the arrival of McKinney would mean the grand ticket of Nader-McKinney. I knew that was not the case and really meant the further split of the GP.
This year, again as write-in, it received 831 votes. 

The GP's moribund state has been on for quite a while. 

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