[Marxism] Our time is not the 30s

Mehmet Cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 11:56:29 MST 2008

As far as I know, it was Adam Smith who compared the poorest people of the era of Industrial Revolution with yesterday's European princes and African Kings, but even he wasn't so pretentious to claim that workers were in better shape than European kings and queens:

"I say, all these things, and consider what a variety of labour is employed about each of them, we shall be sensible that, without the assistance and co-operation of many thousands, the very meanest person in a civilised country could not be provided, even according to what we very falsely imagine the easy and simple manner in which he is commonly accommodated. Compared, indeed, with the more extravagant luxury of the great, his accommodation must no doubt appear extremely simple and easy; and yet it may be true, perhaps, that the accommodation of a European prince does not always so much exceed that of an industrious and frugal peasant as the accommodation of the latter exceeds that of many an African king, the absolute master of the lives and liberties of ten thousand naked savages." 


Mehmet Çagatay


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