[Marxism] Hamas is hoping for an IDF ground operation

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 12:09:21 MST 2008

I like playing weekend tank-commander or partisan defender as much as 
the next guy, but Hamas, if in fact they are "hoping" for an Israeli 
incursion, are suicidal fucks who don't give a shit about their 
constituency...the people of Gaza. An invasion of Gaza will only mean 
more deaths, lots more deaths, maybe in the thousands and most of them 
will not be the Israeli, body-armored, tank driving, mini-gun toting IDF 
soldiers. This is not southern Lebanon where the IDF had to face, 
essentially, a division of Iranian trained special forces.

The IDF cannot eliminate Hamas. Nor, of course, would they want too, 
they are far to valuable as propaganda tools for the Zionist entity than 
they could of possibly dreamed up in their wildest fantasy. So the 
incursion will kill a few thousand more Palestinians, kill a few 
thousand Hamas fighters, a few dozen IDFs and *everyone* will be happier 
for it, except maybe the residents of Gaza.


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