[Marxism] GP entrails

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 14:36:53 MST 2008

OK, Craig.  Excellent.

I've argued this matter with John and others earlier, and I think he's
now taking a less dismissive stance than he had.  The GPUS has raised
major obstacles for itself, notably that undemocratic structure that
closely reflects the dead end taken by a succession of American third
parties.  I have also argued that Cynthia McKinney has earned a great
deal of respect in her own right, and am pleased to see that reflected
as well.  I rather regret that he remains as dismissive of "identity
politics," which are real enough but don't explain everything and
provide mostly a sidetrack that dead ends.

That said, as with those earlier mass third parties, those state
organizations that have a real life will survive and play a hand in
reforging the next mass effort.  Rather like how the Kansas and Texas
Greenback organizations survived the collapse of the Greenback Labor
Party to help detonate the Populists...or the way the local Populist
parties in southeast Kansas and Oklahoma survived to provide the base
for the Socialist Party....  So, too, I suspect that those mass Green
parties in California, New York and maybe some localities here and
there might be able to play such a role, but our organizations never
came close to our voting strength.  And my impression is that the
rightward drift of the party shed three-quarters of the membership in

As to the November 5 organization, the work is being done very
systematically and slowly, rather like building up the campaign and
fund-raising apparatus.  I should add that I began rather skeptical
about it, but have subsequently become much more convinced that many
of Nader's former supporters.  I see the watchdog organizations
primarily as an educational and, periodically, an agitational vehicle.
 I don't see them evolving into a new party, but see their work as
essential to it.

Since the election, the organizing group has taken an informal survey
to decide which issues merit the greatest focus, from which medical
care, I think, got a somewhat better response that the other, less
visceral questions.  Just before the holidays started, we began taking
steps to staff an office in Washington to provide the kind of direct
window onto Congressional developments that local groups will need.
So, in the average Congressional district, most of the voters will
favor socialized medicine and almost all of the officeholders will
oppose them.  The watchdog organizations can publicize the way
insurance companies, medical and pharmaceutical companies fund the
election of your specific Congressman, punctuated with press releases,
periodic picketing and rallying.

If we do this sort of thing on the scale it can be done and broadly
appreciated, there will be a constituency for independent politics.
It's the most reasonable plan I've seen.

Mark L.

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