[Marxism] [French] Les calculs sordides et meurtriers de Tel-Aviv

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Tue Dec 30 16:22:11 MST 2008

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008 17:06:35 -0300, Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

  Thanks for sending this commentary by Pierre Barbancey from L'Humanité 

> <http://www.humanite.fr/Les-calculs-sordides-et-meurtriers-de-Tel-Aviv>

  Well, but I don't see it so pessimistic as Barbancey apparently sees it, like 
in this paragraph: 

> Ce faisant, Israël enterre un peu plus le mouvement national
> palestinien. Les manifestations se multiplient en Cisjordanie contre
> le massacre perpétré à Gaza et contre les conditions de vie inhumaines
> qui s'aggravent chaque jour un peu plus. Un ressentiment qui s'exprime
> principalement contre l'occupant mais qui pourrait bien emporter
> Mahmoud Abbas, le toujours président de l'Autorité palestinienne, dont
> les déclarations laissent perplexes et qui semble de plus en plus
> affaibli au sein des Palestiniens comme sur la scène internationale.

  I don't think that the colonial settler state can actually destroy the national 
movement of the Arab Palestinians. 

  The leaders of the Israeli colonialists may think that they can get away with 
it, and think that the managed to destroy the PLO by turning their leaders into 
Quislings of the occupation, but I think the events actually show that the 
dream of Yabotinsky that enough brutal military force will push the victims of 
colonisation into submission and into accepting their fate of having lost their 
homeland is a pipe-dream, never to be fulfilled. 

  I just saw on Aljazeera (strongly recommended) a three-part debate with 
Mustafa Bargouti, a Betty Hunter from a British solidarity committee with 
Palestine, and a Dan Schaeftan from Tel Aviv or Haifa. The latter was really 
like the typical arrogant British colonial officer or a copy of Hitler's 
propaganday chief Goebbels, the incarnation of lying. 

  This Schaeftan declared in essence that Israel alway got away with 
afflicting utmost violence on the Palestinians, and that therefore they will 
continue for eternity to get away with inflicting even more violence, bombing 
the Palestinian Arabs into submission. 

  But the fact that they have to deal even with people like Abbas and have to 
confront a -- today -- more militant party like Hamas is a proof that their 
brutal regime of oppression does not work. They could not quell the Intifada, 
and had to admit the PLO into the territories under occupation regime. The 
fact that they see themselves compelled to wage this destructive bombing 
campaign against the Gaza Palestinians, shows that they realize that their 
rule is not accepted without resistance. 

  And even if they managed to reduce the PLO leadership to a miserable 
show of submissiveness, it is not a big success. This happend in the decade 
of the 1990ies, where the imperialist triumphalism could fool the world into 
thinking that capitalist exploitation had won once and for all and that nobody 
in the exploited classes and oppressed nations had a chance except to crawl 
and accept the orders from Washington and their "international community". 

  But the world is still changing, as we can see in Latin America, in the 
increasing resistance against the occupation in Afghanistan, and also -- hold 
your breath -- in the election of the very first Black into the White House of 
the Empire. 

  I don't know what effects the beginning deep economic crises will have, if it 
creates resistance right away, or a wave of struggles when a relaunch of 
economic activity encourages the working people to demand their rights, but I 
am shure that it will not be an easy ride for the rulers of this world. 

  We will have our chance and we should be prepared. 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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