[Marxism] GP entrails [In defense of Harrington and American Menshevism]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 30 16:53:34 MST 2008

>Louis: Could you clarify your comments vis a vis the SP? On what 
>income? Committed personnel? Since the refoundation of the SP (SP 
>USA), it has been committed to independent political action. As far 
>as personnel, we only have one paid staff. The rest of us are 
>grassroots organizers w/o pay, but fire in the belly.

The SP may not be as bad as the "Leninist" left, but it is still a 
sect. It obviously operates with the same small proprietor mentality 
as the Leninists. What is the goal of the SP? To lead the American 
people to socialism by becoming the majority party? Honestly, I don't 
think that any of these small groups do any harm. Many young people 
first find out about socialism from a Brian Moore speech or an 
article in the Militant.

But I must insist that a real revolutionary party is necessary and 
that another method is required than those of the SP and all the rest. 

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