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Erik Carlos Toren ectoren at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 30 17:16:48 MST 2008

Well. That didn't clarify your statements. Rather than letting me know what you meant or correct your statement, you went the route of calling an organization a sect. That's your "IMHO." 

> To lead the American 
>people to socialism by becoming the majority party? 

So where was the GP heading, *not* becoming a "majority party? I guess that worked well for them quite a while ago. 

I personally have no problem with the GP per se. There is in reallity many GP's in the US rather than on cohesive GP. You had GP's that were quite clearly socialist as in Michigan. Others were New Agey. Others were PDA's off-shoots for angry Lib Dems. Locally, I worked along with them when they ran their Gubernatorial candidate, R. Mahajan. They had spirit, they had *ganas*. But willingness takes you so far. From my interaction they had the belief that folks would just *join* the GP once they heard Nader  speak. In many ways they copied the bad organizations habits of the Left. In the end, not many were in it for the long grassroots run. 

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From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>

The SP may not be as bad as the "Leninist" left, but it is still a 
sect. It obviously operates with the same small proprietor mentality 
as the Leninists. What is the goal of the SP? To lead the American 
people to socialism by becoming the majority party? Honestly, I don't 
think that any of these small groups do any harm. Many young people 
first find out about socialism from a Brian Moore speech or an 
article in the Militant.

But I must insist that a real revolutionary party is necessary and 
that another method is required than those of the SP and all the rest. 

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