[Marxism] Over 1,000 hit the streets in SF for Gaza

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 31 00:09:02 MST 2008

You missed the best part of the action (and the count!). At the end of the action at the Consulate, Gloria La Riva from ANSWER announced that we were marching and the police were just going to have to let us, which is what happened. A multi-mile several hour march through the main streets of San Francisco (Montgomery, Market, Van Ness...then I lost track) eventually ending up at U.N. Plaza, where ANSWER had set up an impromptu sound system and a brief (30-45 min?) rally ensured, with a variety of (short) speeches.

The march was INCREDIBLY spirited, this was probably the "best" action held in San Francisco in quite some time. A young, multiethnic (heavy on Arabs, of course) crowd. Continuous chanting from start to finish. The cops seemed to melt away even though we were walking right through downtown San Francisco, stopping traffic. On Van Ness, traffic was continuing to go in the other direction, but marchers weaved in and out of the cars at the red lights, waving placards etc.

ANSWER estimated the crowd at 10,000. I think that's high, but as I was filming the crowd going by, and lost patience WAY before the end (that is to say, I never filmed the entire crowd going by my camera, as I often do with smaller demos), it was CERTAINLY many thousand; I'd guess 5000.

Eli Stephens
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