[Marxism] Over 1,000 hit the streets in SF for Gaza

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 10:20:01 MST 2008

Yeah, I saw it on the local news last night. I felt bummed out  I missed 
the march but I was fairly winded (health issues) so I'm glad I left 
when I did anyway. We should meet up at the next one. Can't make the 
meeting on Friday but for anything planned, write me a note off line.

I was quite impressed that the Bay Area Arab community came together on 
this event. Probably only a representative one but still significant. 
That we out numbered the Zionists as much as we did is a good thing. The 
local Fox affiliate also interviewed a number of Jewish-Americans who 
were on our side and asked why they came, why they supported the people 
of Gaza. It was excellent. I love to see cracks in the Zionist/Jewish 


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