[Marxism] [French] Les calculs sordides et meurtriers deTel-Aviv

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 10:26:46 MST 2008

SA wrote:
"Certainly Trotsky defended Cardenas and the nationalization of the 
industry against the attacks of the US bourgeoisie. That doesn't make
Cardenas' nationalization proletarian, revolutionary, or a transition to
proletarian revolution, or even supportive of proletarian revolution. The
subsequent history of Mexico proves that."

One thing that is common knowledge now is that Trotsky really did do it 
right: Who do you think WROTE the nationalization law? Cardenas met with 
Trotsky. According to Mexican sources, Trotsky at first didn't want to 
do it because he agreed per Cardenas' request not to interfere in 
Mexican domestic politics. But at the meeting, he agreed to write the 
law but not be public about it for many reasons which Cardenas agreed. I 
only recently learned this and found it very interesting. If you look at 
the law regarding nationalization of the rail roads and compare it with 
the wording the one for petroleum, you might find a difference.

Nationalism is such a  tricky thing. It's kind of like a rifle. You can 
aim it, or you can look down the barrel with it loaded. Your choice.


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