[Marxism] Why I won´t demonstrate anything any more

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Believe me, Nestor, I've read them.  We've been arguing this for what? 5 
years?  I've read a lot in that time written by you. The singer and the song 
have remained the same.

What Lenin defined in 1916 is not the be all and end all of capitalism, 
particularly since, as I believe, Lenin's analysis in Imperialism is not 
economically, socially accurate in the actual analysis of the operations, 
dynamics, of capitalism.

Be that as it may, there has only been one successful revolution in "this 
part of the globe."  That of Cuba.  That revolution was not presented as a 
struggle for national liberation, but as one of social emancipation from the 
poverty imposed by capitalism.

At the same time, we have numerous examples of failed national, and left 
national, revolutions in this part of the globe-- from the MNR in Bolivia, 
in Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic.

Repetition in the service of mastery is one thing, repetition of defeat is 
something else again.  In this regard, the semi-colonies [sorry if I 
offended anyone with the quotes, but the term is so plastic, so open to any 
individual interpretation I don't think it really describes anything.  It is 
an ideological, not analytic term] are no different from the workers in the 
advanced countries so pilloried for having failed to establish socialism.

I am a very difficult person to insult.  Harsh language and abruptness are 
how I was schooled in railroading.  Works too, believe me, as long as you 
know what you're doing and don't waffle.  I did know, and I don't waffle.

Note to David-- where does this info originate, that Trotsky wrote the petro 
nationalization law in Mexico?

Better be careful, D., pretty soon someone will claim that your promoting a 
eurocentric fantasy-- that only a rootless cosmopolitan European like 
Trotsky could write the law-- the indigenous, 3rd worlders like Cardenas not 
being up to the task.

Bonne Fete.
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