[Marxism] "STOP the military massacre in Gaza NOW!"

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Press release: Cairo and Ramallah (West  Bank): 31st Dec 2008  
"STOP the military massacre in Gaza NOW!"  
Health groups demand Israel  immediately stop ongoing military attack 
The People's Health  Movement condemns the brutal attack on Palestinians and 
demand an immediate stop  to Israel's ongoing military attack on Gaza. 
People's Health Movement is a  global coalition of grassroot health and peace 
activists fighting injustice, ill  health and poverty, worldwide. 
"We express serious  concern at the escalation of death of civilians and call 
for an immediate stop  to the military assault" said Dr. Hani Serag, 
Co-ordinator, People's Health  Movement. 
Israeli military has been carrying  out massive air strikes against Gaza that 
has resulted in over 385 deaths and  left over a thousand injured, hundreds 
of them in critical condition. Women and  children are hit in large numbers.  
The bombing destroyed the  civilian infrastructure in Gaza with many areas 
being left without water or  electricity. All hospitals are running out of 
critical supplies. Mounting  causalities have completely overwhelmed the already 
limited health services in  Gaza.  
"The International Community must  speak with one voice to end the bloodbath 
in Gaza" said Dr. Jihad Mashal of  Palestinian Medical Relief Society, an 
associate of the People's Health  Movement. 
Gaza, the most densely populated area on  the planet, has already been 
suffering from a blockade imposed by the Israeli  military in 2007 and normal life 
has been paralyzed.  
"International community must step  in to put pressure on Israeli government 
to ensure access to medical and  humanitarian assistance to the war affected 
people in Gaza" said Dr. Mashal.  Geneva conventions stipulate protection of 
health care facilities and personnel  and their unhindered access to war victims 
to provide assistance. 
Since the beginning of this brutal  Israeli attack, three Israelis have also 
been killed by Palestinian rocket  fire. 
Several humanitarian groups have  already warned of a health and humanitarian 
crisis if the attack continues. They  have condemned attacks on civilians and 
have  called on the international community to speak out against the war and 
military  occupation. 
The UN Security Council  has already called for an immediate end to all 
violence in Gaza and the members  of the Security Council expressed serious concern 
at the escalation of the  situation in Gaza and called for an immediate halt 
to all violence. 
There is growing fear that this  round of attacks is only a step in the 
direction of destroying the Gaza Strip  and its people who have already been facing 
a humanitarian crisis due to the  siege imposed in 2007. "Urgent action is 
needed now to stop this", said Dr.  Mashal. 
More media interviews,  please call: 
Dr. Jihad  Mashal,  Ramallah, Occupied Palestinian Territories: Ph (cell): + 
970 5995 57755 or + 972  5995 57755 
Satya  Sivaraman,  India: +91  98185 14952 
Prof. David  Legge,  Australia: Ph (Cell) +61 40 899 1417 
Prof. Fran Baum, Australia  : Ph (Cell) : + 61 41 235 4598  
Dr. Hani Serag, Egypt: Ph  + + 20 2 22565613  

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