[Marxism] Israeli Racist Dan Schueftan (was: Les calculs sordides et meurtriers deTel-Aviv)

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Dec 31 13:06:40 MST 2008

On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 16:00:40 +0100 (MEZ), Lüko Willms wrote:

>   The name is Schueftan, Dan Schueftan. Sometimes re-transscribed from 
> Hebrew script as Shiftan. His father was from Breslau, then a German city, 
> today the Polish city of Wroclaw. 
>   Schueftan is the director or deputy director of a "National Securities 
> Center" at the University of Haifa and has published several books. 
>   He is like Yabotinsky reborn -- a thoroughbred reactionary. He called for 
> military attack on Iran. 

  More from this cynical rascal here: 


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