[Marxism] Stating obvious, SADC says Zimbabwe vote not will of people

Jscotlive at aol.com Jscotlive at aol.com
Tue Jul 1 01:09:45 MDT 2008

Simplistic does not mean wrong, it means insufficient. Of course  
imperialism bears responsibility for putting unbearable pressure on Zim  
and other African societies, and I can send you a million words or more  
I've penned to document this. But it doesn't mean you can leave out (as  
do so many Mugabe-fronters) the compradorisation and neoliberal  
restructuring of the Zim economy that Mugabe and his cronies embraced,  
until repayment of WB/IMF debt became impossible in 1999.
Agreed and exactly the point I make in my original piece:
'In  short, Mugabe's real crime was not one committed against the white 
privileged  minority with land expropriations, it was the crime committed against 
the  Zimbabwean people back in 1980 with the passing of control of Zimbabwe's 
economy  to the IMF and the World Bank, thus ensuring the continuance of a 
legacy of  exploitation and pillage begun by Cecil Rhodes in the 19th century, and 
 subsequently carried on with vigor by successive British governments  
It seems  that you feel we should be focusing our ire on Mugabe and his 
regime, which is  the symptom of a generation of neoliberalism and imperialism 
which has ravaged  that entire continent. In this I disagree with you. Yes, Mugabe 
has decided to  remain in power regardless of the cost to the vast majority 
of the people of his  country, and yes he has lost legitimacy as a result, but 
that in no way  diminished the fact that this crisis has its roots in 
structural  readjustment emanating from Washington DC through the agency of the IMF 
and  World Bank. 


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