[Marxism] Congress goes on vacation without acting on H.Con.Res.362 (naval blockade of Iran)

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 1 10:09:44 MDT 2008

Fred writes:

> Marvin wrote;
> It's expected to pass after the break, but the Iranians for now don't seem
> too excited about it. According to the the government's English-language
> satellite channel:
> and submitted:
> Iran ready for US 'War Resolution'
> Press TV
> July 1 2008
> Iran is fully prepared to meet its domestic gasoline needs in the event of
> tougher US-imposed sanctions or a blockade on gasoline imports.
> Fred responds:
> Well, I am glad that the term "war resolution" is catching on...

> There's no basis for striking the pose of the "blithe spirit" in this
> situation.
I'm beginning to think you and Artesian like to create artificial
differences because you live for polemics - the fiercer the better.

There's no contradiction between making a balanced assessment of a situation
and being prepared for the worst case scenario - in this case, a naval
blockade and war. This is the pose being struck by the Iranians, whose
public evaluation of the situation falls well short of your alarums, and
corresponds with my own. They see the resolution, however inflammatory, as
another bargaining chip and don't give much weight to the possibility of a
blockade, both because it would be breached if even if the US attempted one
unilaterally, which they see as unlikely because of overriding US interests.
The same talk on this list gets you all agitated about "complacency", but
you don't fight complacency by running around like a Chicken Little, which
breeds it.

Anyway, bait on.

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