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Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 13:34:12 MDT 2008

Andy and others have correctly pointed out that the first three pages
of the nine-page circular was lifted from

Most of the rest is a variant on a six-month old draft from the
Reconstruction Party.

Oddly enough, the most objectionable part I found was the first three
of the nine pages.  Aside from the heading, McKinney herself isn't
even mentioned until well into the third page.  Most of the initial
punch is a discussion of Obama that seems to me to carry a very mixed
message.  Imagine my surprise to find it was written by Trotskyists.

Well, maybe it's a language barrier problem.

And, of course, there is not a single mention of the Greens anywhere in it.

As to the last part, I've never seen any campaign distributing a
six-month old rough draft.

To say nothing of leaving a black at the end instead of contact information.

What's disturbing is what it tells us about the level of organization
of the McKinney campaign.  Even now, there's all sorts of questions
about what this document actually was.  Disturbing because, as I've
often said, I wish the campaign well, though I'm supporting

The reason's very simple.  As much as people on the coasts or from
Atlanta tell me there's a black insurgency behind McKinney, none of
the black activists I know here actually know who she is without my
having to explain it and they just don't care that she's running.
They're going for Obama, without illusions, they say, but they find it
impossible not to vote for the first black president of the U.S.

On the other hand, the only local supporters McKinney has are the same
whites in the Green Party who backed David Cobb for the nomination in
2004 and went home to vote for John Kerry.  You don't have to be a
weatherman to see which way the wind will blow them when the issue is
really pressed.  So, that would leave the McKinney campaign in this
area...ultimately, maybe, in this state...as me.  So, it makes about
as much sense as my backing the Vegetarian Workers Party.

More generally, I think that a national endorsement should reflect
national possibilities and I don't equate that with what seems like a
good idea in NYC or Chicago or LA.

Still, I see a principled basis for supporting McKinney and what I
find disturbing is to see the campaign simply unable to intervene
coherently in a national antiwar conference.

Mark L.

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