[Marxism] Congress goes on vacation without acting onH.Con.Res.362 (naval blockade of Iran)

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Jul 1 15:24:07 MDT 2008


> Now you dismiss the escalation of military actions against Hersh...
Oh, man, can't you read or is it you don't want to? I wrote:

"...the US has had a long history in Iran, as elsewhere, of seeking regime
change through a combination of special forces military operations, economic
sanctions, and political subversion of the kind described by Hersh in his
article. Whether an Obama administration will attempt to resolve outstanding
differences with the clerical regime, as he promised earlier he would, or
will step up US efforts to overthrow it by these means remains to be seen."


"There is considerably more agreement in political and media circles about
pursuing "low intensity warfare" against Iran than about a unilateral naval
and land blockade which would take the conflict to a much higher level."

I'll leave it to Louis to decide if we should continue this sniping offlist,
where I can choose to ignore it. I may not be the only one who is finding
these exchanges tiresome and unproductive.

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