[Marxism] Marxists for Obama

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 1 17:53:46 MDT 2008

Considering the source of this article, a notorious right-wing "press," it is 
entirely possible that this "Marxists, socialists, and communists for Obama" has 
as much reality as "Billionaires for Bush" and other such spoofs, that is, it 
could very well be a bunch of right-wingers trying to make Obama look bad.

Or, it could be Joaquin and Walter and Marvin. ;-)

JERUSALEM – Marxists, socialists and communists have created a safe
space online to congregate, exchange ideas – including a stated
revolution against the U.S. "oppressive" regime – and support their
favored presidential candidate.

Their meeting spot? Sen. Barack Obama's official campaign website,
which allows registered users to form groups and post content in
online "community" blogs.

Use video conversation to talk face-to-face with Windows Live Messenger.

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