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The Movement for Democratic Change: The Continuity of its Theoretical and
Practical Weaknesses
By Sehlare Makgetlaneng*
June 10, 2008

  "The fight against Zimbabwe is a fight against us all. Today it is
Zimbabwe, tomorrow it will be South Africa, it will be Mozambique, it will
be Angola, it will be any other African country. Any government that is
perceived to be strong, and to be resistant to imperialists, would be made a
target and be undermined. So let us not allow any point of weakness in the
solidarity of the SADC, because that weakness will also be transferred to
the rest of Africa."
-Thabo Mbekii(1)

The Movement for Democratic Change is characterised by unique and
frightening theoretical and practical weaknesses. It is as if it is not an
opposition political party in the former settler colonial society in the
region which was the victim of settler colonial rule. It has no position on
imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, globalisation and
north-south relations. Despite acute problems confronted by the masses of
the Zimbabwean people on a daily basis, its strategy and tactics have been
failing to meet their demands and needs. The consequence has been that they
do not recognise them as expressions of their own experience. Its remaining
alternative to defeat the Zimbabwean African National Union - Patriotic
Front (ZANU-PF) to be in power in Zimbabwe is the ballot box. The purpose of
this work is to demonstrate that the MDC's profound theoretical and
practical weaknesses have continued increasing. In its achievement in the
March 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections, the MDC have exposed
the continuity of its theoretical and practical weaknesses. It is as if it
does not have serious organic intellectuals capable of articulating
appropriate strategy and tactics, nationally, regionally, continentally and
internationally. Who are its leading intellectuals and strategists?

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